25 facts about me!…24.03.17

I didn’t really know what to do today as I wanted to just sit down and blog. I didn’t want to have to put much thought into it so i thought I would do the 25 facts about me tag.

  1. When you first meet me I am the most shy person ever.
  2. I do not feel okay unless I have a coffee in the morning.
  3. The little mermaid is my favourite disney movie.
  4. I used to do ballet,tap and cheerleading.
  5. I have never been to london even though I dont actually live that far. (Manchester)
  6. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters but I am the oldest by a minimum on 10 years!
  7. The last time I went on holiday was last year to Mexico.
  8. I used to hate onions but now I dont mind them.
  9. I HATE  being cold. HATE HATE HATE!
  10. I want to travel.
  11. I started uni but hated it and dropped out,looool.
  12. I love makeup,so so so so much.
  13. College was one of the best things I ever did. I met my boyfriend and bestfriend there and made so many memories.
  14. I love french bulldogs, Pomeranians and chow chows.
  15. i have been reading blogs/watching youtube since i can remember. From the age of about 13.   6 years!
  16. I love red lipstick but it just doesn’t suit me 😦
  17. I love the hills and friends. To the point where I know the words to the episodes.
  18. i love mojito’s. Especially in the sun!
  19. The only jobs i’ve ever had are behind a bar.
  20. I am the WORST at directions. I still do the ‘L’ thing with my hands to know my left and right.
  21. My fave music is RnB. ALL DAY EVERYDAYYYYY.
  22. I love cream,gold and baby pink.
  23. I LOVE spinach,pulled pork,seafood,sushi,cheese.
  24. Although 2017 has really only just begun,I have learnt most from it.
  25. I love summer but christmas is my absolute favourite!

I hope you enjoyed this relaxed blog post, i really enjoyed writing it!




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